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Liva is a canadian band who came together in 1997 and recorded its eponymous four-cut demo in 2001, which music also appeared on the group’s first album, Requiem (2002). This heavy metal version of a requiem in Latin was a hit with many music lovers. Then, in the spring of 2007, Liva released its second album, De Insulis, putting music to the Latin texts of French poet and theologian Alain de Lille, said De Insulis (12th century). And now, in the autumn of 2013, Liva’s long-awaited third album is finally ready.

Since the beginning, Liva has shown talent when playing opening act for international bands such as Voivod (October 2000), Gorguts (September 2001), Nightwish (September 2003), Kataklysm (2004), Therion (September 2005) and Leaves Eyes/Kamelot (August 2007) to name a few. Liva also participated in a one night show dedicated to metal music in the province of Québec at the Weekend extreme held on June 2, 2002.

Liva has been the subject of various reports and articles, among others one in the fall of 2001 on the television program Bande-à-part on ARTV, the specialized art channel of French Network CBC. Then, on March 8, 2001, Liva performed with a chamber orchestra consisting of 13 musicians and chorus members during a radio concert that was recorded for Bande-à-part and broadcast in April of 2002. This memorable event gave the audience a taste of the band’s wide-ranging and innovative musical talent.

On March 9, 2003, the quartet won the award entitled "Mimi de l’artiste le plus avant-gardiste”, that is given to the artist that “cuts the most radically with preconceived and known slots: language, musical genre, artistic pursuits". The members of the band received this prize “because they have the capacity to harmonize classical music with metal”. This award acknowledged not only the musicians’ will to explore the unexplored, but also their determination to surmount the difficulties of such an audacious fusion.

Today, Liva’s members are Pier Carlo Liva (vocals, guitar and keyboards), JS (guitar), Martin Tremblay (bass), Sam Neumann (drums) and featuring Catherine Elvira Chartier on soprano voice and electric viola.