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Musical Background : I’m mainly self-taught even though I went to college in classical and jazz guitar. Having grown up in a family of autodidact musicians, I've always been in a music world. My father played the guitar, the accordeon as well as the violin. I got my first guitar at the age of 11 and at that moment, I knew exactly what my career was going to be...

Other Instruments : Piano, bass, drum.

Musical Projects Outside Liva : Top 40 cover band, country cover band and U2 tribute (Bass)

Influences : Iron Maiden had a major influence on my style. Adrian Smith is the musician I prefer in the group even though, I must admit, Dave Murray is also excellent!
Michel Sweet of Stryper also has a great influence on my style and playing.
On the other hand, Paul Gilbert, Van Halen, Brad Paisley and so on, impress me by their virtuosity...
I like different styles: pop, rock, country, hard rock and even heavy metal and all of its derivatives.

The First Record That I Bought : My first purchased album (cassette) was "The Number of The Beast" Iron Maiden, 1982, which I actually still listen to on a regular basis.

Five Best Albums : The number of the beast (Iron Maiden), Low (Testament) 5150 + For unlawful carnal knowledge (Van Halen) Escape (Journey), Dogman (King's X), Stryper (Complete Discography) and so many others!!!

Best Cut by Liva : Tuba mirum, Domine Jesu, Hostias, Last Word, Human Abstract

Getting Ready for a Show : I like to get there as soon as I can so I have enough time to set up my gear, feel the concert place and get in touch with the people I work with so I can feel like I’m at home.

On What Stage Would You Like to Perform : Wembley Stadium, and everywhere all of my favorite bands have played!!!

Worst Stage Nightmare : In a trio with soundtracks (piano / back vocals). From the beginning of the show until the end, the soundtracks just never worked!! I had to improvise to replace some musical lines and voices that were on them...

Most Memorable/Best Moments on Stage : Playing for 1 hour and 30 minutes in an all-girls college, in front of 250 of them! They were in total hysteria and they were screaming so loud that we couldn’t hear a thing while we were performing on stage. Even the sound engineer (Paul Lavigne) couldn’t hear a thing. After the show and after asking him how he liked our group (since it was his first show with us), he answered with a stunned look on his face: "The Beatles..... tabarn” ....(french swearing) !!! ...