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Martin Tremblay



Musical Background : I was (and still am) a huge fan of Iron Maiden during my teenage years. One day I realized that what made their music so compelling to me was the bass. Wanting to reproduce the great base line of my idol Steve Harris, I asked my bassist friend Denis Gélinas to introduce me to music and teach me the basics, then took private guitar lessons and classes in college. My style is the result of my determination and passion for music.

Other instruments : Guitar and Rock Band :)

Musical Projects Outside Liva : I’m in a metal cover band with my long time friend Marco Gauthier.

Favorite Groups, Musicians and Writers : Iron Maiden, Helloween, Symphony X, Angra, Dream Theater and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The First Record That I Bought : Iron Maiden’s Somewhere in Time (the cassette tape!)

Five Best Albums : Powerslave (Iron Maiden), Rust in Peace (Megadeth), Keepers of the Seven Keys Part 1 et 2 (Helloween), Metropolis Part 2: Scenes from a Memory (Dream Theater), The Odyssey (Symphony X).

Best Cuts by Liva : Domine Jesu, Kyrie, Hostias and Sleep

Getting Ready for a Show : I don’t have a ritual that I go through however I always do warm up hand exercises, and try to relax !

Worst Stage Nightmare : I was lucky enough to never have experienced anything awful until now, but I know that it will eventually happen :)

Most Memorable/Best Moments on Stage : A show I did with one of my previous bands, Minuit 34, for our album Passé Minuit at the bar Les Graffiti in Sherbrooke (RIP), in wich we shared the stage with Liva, in 1997.